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ZBGF-1050H Solventless Laminating Machine

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I. Main features
1. Precise controlling of coating quantity, and easy to adjust.
Because of adopting the coating unit with independent servo motor drives and linear independent regulation method,
the operator can accurately coat the space, and conveniently adjust repeat.
2, Recombination owns high-quality. Because of adopting the good layout of material, especially the mechanisms of five-roll coating transfer, three-roll composite, mist cooling and servo motor winding, this machine can ensure the uniformity of composite, homogeneity and rewinding.
3. Safe, stable and reliable. Because of the main electrical components comply with CE safety standards and the strict processing of key components, this machine can work safely, and run stable at high speed. 4. Easy to operate. Not only got the perfect hardware above-mentioned, but also equipped with technology software, the combination of software and hardware allows users to quickly master the usage of equipment, so as to effectively reduce the consuming before products being put into operation.
II. Technical parameters:
ZBFH series solvent-less lamination machine has successfully completed many laminating structures’ experiment and production through a large number of experimental verification process, and effective.
1. Laminating mode:solvent-less laminating
2. Coating method:5 rollers coating (measuring roller, transferring steel roller, transferring adhesive roller, coating steel roller, coating adhesive roller).
3.Laminating method:three-roll laminating and cooling system device (Horizontal steel roller, laminating adhesive roller, mirror laminating steel roller, mist cooling steel roller)
Main Technical Parameter:



Max.Laminating Width


Max.Laminating Speed

250 m/min

Max.Diameter of 1st Unwinding


Max.Diameter of 2nd Unwinding


Max.Diameter of rewinding


Coating roll diameter


Tension range:


Paper core diameter


Machine Weight


Overall Dimension